Are Turkish Towels Absorbent

Are Turkish Towels Absorbent

Turkish towels, also called Peshtemal towels in Turkey, were first made during the 17th century in Bursa, Turkey. They have been used in Turkey for various purposes for centuries. They are now the best beach partners due to their size, light weight, and absorbent abilities compared with traditional towels. Bay Laurel brand is a leading manufacturer of Turkish towels, beach towels, yoga towels, outdoor towels, and many more such products.

What Are Turkish Towels

Bay Laurel Turkish towels are large, hand-woven towels initially used in Turkish baths. They are a popular alternative to bath towels, made of 100% cotton. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and weights, Turkish towels are absorbent and can dry up in a jiffy. Bay Laurel yoga towels are easily foldable and make your beach vacations memorable.

How To Care For Turkish Towels To Make Them Last Longer

Bay Laurel beach towels can be made to last longer with extra care. Let us discuss a few simple tips on caring for these towels.

Soak in water before first use

Like all other towels, Bay Laurel outdoor towels will get softer and can absorb more water as we use them and wash them. Soaking the new towels for a few hours or overnight in cold water before the first usage will help them absorb water more efficiently. This process would loosen up their fibers allowing them to absorb better. Natural cotton needs to be broken to allow the fibers to bloom. This softens the fabric and helps it attain maximum absorbency potential. Make your Turkish towel absorbent before your first use.

Avoid fabric softeners

Turkish towels are absorbent, however, fabric softeners are a big no when it comes to these towels since these softeners contain oils and chemicals that can destroy the fiber and affect the absorbency levels of the towels. Gentle machine wash or hand wash with normal water with vinegar or soda will help retain its softness and absorbency levels.

Pulled Thread- No Worries

If the Bay Laurel travel towel has pulled out threads or if there are threads that are cut off, not to worry! These loose threads will cause no damage to the towel, and they can be pulled off. Any loose fringes can be re-tied. Bay Laurel Turkish beach blankets are meant to last.

Are Turkish Towels Absorbent

Undoubtedly Turkish towels are absorbent and durable. The number of loops in the towels while weaving, their number, length, and tightness determine their absorbency level. An increased number of longer loops would increase the surface area of the towel, thereby enhancing its ability to absorb more. Additionally, the thickness of the yarn is also an important factor. Thinner yarn towels contain more loops enabling better absorbency. Also, the long fibers in these towels help absorb more water when they loosen up. The longer they are soaked in water, the faster these fibers loosen up, enabling better absorption. Get the best Bay Laurel Turkish beach towels with bag for your adventurous beach day.

Bay Laurel makes most of its towels from cotton, which as a fabric tends to absorb more water than microfiber, fleece, or terry fabrics.

Use More, Soak More and Absorb More

In conclusion, the longer these towels are soaked in water, the more we use the towels, and the more they absorb water. Bay Laurel specializes in Turkey towels and offers the best quality towels at a reasonable price. Click to explore the Turkish beach towels with incredible offers on products like Bay Laurel camping towels, travel towels, Turkish beach blankets, Turkish beach towels with bags, and many more.

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