Bay Laurel About Us

I bet you’re fed up with damp, rough, sandy towels on the beach, right? We hear you. We know your struggles. Taking a traditional towel to the beach is a nightmare, isn’t it? They’re bulky, uncomfortable and take ages to dry. And don’t even get us started on the sand. It gets everywhere! When we discovered Turkish towels, we couldn’t believe our luck… They’re handcrafted on traditional looms using weaving methods handed down through generations. The Turkish weavers use only the highest quality natural textiles. This makes the Turkish towels comfortable, lightweight and exceptionally durable. We fell in love with Turkish towels instantly. That’s when we knew we had to bring them to a wider audience. And just like that, Bay Laurel was born. Bay Laurel have teamed up with the highly skilled weavers to create our very own, unique Turkish towels. Each Bay Laurel design is like a work of art. And because they come in their own easy to carry bag, you can take them anywhere. Bay Laurel Turkish towels are so practical and versatile you can use them for anything… Beach towels Picnic blankets Camping towels Spa towels Even for your yoga Because each Bay Laurel Turkish towel is handcrafted to the highest quality, the stunning designs sell out fast. So make sure to grab yours today and get some for your friends and family while you’re at it. They’ll be thanking you for years!
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