How to Wash Turkish Towels?

How to Wash Turkish Towels?

Are you also frustrated with wet towels left lying here and there? Smelly wet towels are a cause of concern, especially while traveling. After use, it is necessary to pack Bay Laurel Turkish Beach Towels with bag and wash them as soon as you get home.

Washing Turkish Towels are easy and this is why. Turkish towels are made from a type of cotton known as "Zero-twist," which is more absorbent and dries faster than traditional terry cloth. Bring good care to them and wash them regularly to prevent unpleasant odour.

Steps for Washing Turkish Towels

Follow some simple steps as below to wash and maintain your Turkish towel collection:

  1. Clean your washing machine

    The first step in washing Turkish towels is to clean the insides of the washing machine. Though this is not a mandatory step, it helps you keep your towels, especially the white ones, from getting damaged with stains from the previous washes by the machine. There would likely be deposits in the washing mold, and cleaning will help remove any possible dirt.

    How to clean your washer?

    Pour around 3- 4 cups of vinegar and run a wash cycle. Then, wipe the insides and outside of the washer. Dedicated cleansing packets are available in the market or provided by your washing machine supplier that can be used for the cleaning process.

  2. Soak in degreasers

    Degreasing is an excellent process for removing oil and dirt. Oil builds up everywhere and can cause nasty smells from the oil buildup, especially in Bay Laurel camping towels. You can dip the towels in your washing machine or a bath. Depending on how many towels you’re washing, the amount of degreaser you are using can vary.

    Just adding two teaspoons of your wash liquid will do before you run the wash cycle. Apply stain removers if the towels or Bay Laurel Turkish beach blankets are stained a lot before you toss it inside the washing machine.

  3. Washing soda and vinegar mix

    Rinse your Bay Laurel outdoor towels like usual. Add 1/2 cup washing soda to your detergent and mix it well. Add half of the vinegar to your rinse cycle. Remove the towels from the washing machine and tumble dry immediately. Air dry works well when the weather is good.

    Washing soda removes the dirt and oil from the towel fabric, and the vinegar enables the clean to be washed off. It will reduce the maximum smell of your towels. But it’s best to save your microorganism from growing on your wet towels.

Tips to Save Your Towels From Damage

Washing Turkish cotton towels and maintaining them is a lot easier, especially if you take the following :

  • Hang Bay Laurel yoga towels in length after each use
  • Don’t let them be wet for a long time
  • Avoid cloth softeners
  • Wash Bay Laurel travel towels often

Turkish Towels: Choose the Best

Turkish Towels are the perfect travel companion for a beach trip. They are lightweight, durable and easy to wash. Make sure you follow the care instructions carefully so that your towel lasts longer. Have fun on your beach vacation and enjoy using your Turkish Towel! Check out the Bay Laurel Turkish towels collection for good Turkish towel alternatives.

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