Turkish vs. Egyptian Cotton Towels

Turkish vs. Egyptian Cotton Towels

Whenever one goes out to pick a towel, they tend to do a lot of research before selecting the right and suitable choice. There is always a battle with Turkish vs Egyptian towels, where the buyer gets stuck choosing the right one for the proper purpose. This blog streamlines the properties of cotton towels' varieties and highlights different aspects of their usage.

Uniqueness Of Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton has specific characteristics that set it apart from the other cotton varieties. This type of cotton is less absorbent, and so it is used in bathing and other towels. Turkish cotton towels are widely used in many households and are pretty standard in the packing list for every vacation. Moreover, Turkish cotton has the tendency to dry quickly, which is predominant in Bay Laurel beach towels. The smooth threads in the Bay Laurel Turkish towel are solid and sturdy, and it does not allow the moisture to settle down. Moreover, the Bay Laurel yoga towel is exceptionally soft, despite being made with strong fibers.

Specialty Of Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has its unique properties with a high-quality texture. This type of cotton thread is quite thick, making it look a lot fluffier in nature. However, the thickness holds the water for longer and requires a dryer to initiate a quick drying process. Moreover, the cotton has a greater density which lets out the warmth. Bay Laurel camping towels bring you the comfort as well as the style factor.

Turkish Vs Egyptian Towels

Both Egyptian and Turkish towels have pros and cons that weigh pretty equal on the weighing scale. The following are the essential properties that set each apart in its usage.


The Egyptian towels have a high absorbent property that makes them suitable for sheets in beds. Since it takes longer to dry, it is not kept for daily purposes. So, the hotels use Egyptian towels and keep replacing them throughout the day. However, Bay Laurel outdoor towels have quicker absorbent properties that enable the towel to dry up faster. So, the towels from Bay Laurels are used as yoga towels, camping towels, hand towels, travel towels, and much more. Moreover, the restaurants, cottages, and inns have Turkish towels because they can dry off quickly.


The Egyptian cotton is quite thick, with a softer and spongy texture. Egyptian cotton towels are used in spas and saunas with their soft texture properties. The towel's softness gives a soft and soothing feel to the body, making it ideal for relaxation. However, in the case of a Bay Laurel camping towel, it is not as soft as the Egyptian towels, but it can release moisture quickly. So, Turkish towels are also used in gyms and other fitness and training centers.

Which Is A Better Choice In Turkish Vs Egyptian Towels

Turkish and Egyptian towels have distinct features that make them different from the others. In terms of everyday usage, the Turkish towels seem to hold a slight upper hand, as they can be used casually and worn as clothing during beach vacations. You can take a dip in the sea or the pool and bask in the sun, and your towel will dry off instantly. Moreover, the Turkish towel does not absorb water, so it can be used regularly, making it a better choice in a close margin than Egyptian towels.

Bay Laurel - Ideal Turkish Cotton Towels

Bay Laurel Turkish beach towels with bags are the ideal cotton towels you can choose to take on your trips. The Turkish cotton towels enable sand repellent and dust-free, ensuring that you would have a clean and comfortable experience. You can opt for Bay Laurel travel towels or the Bay Laurel Turkish beach blankets as you hop on to your vacation.

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