What are Turkish Towels?

What are Turkish Towels?

A Turkish towel and an ordinary cotton towel are indeed very different. Traditionally woven in Turkey with a hundred percent Turkish cotton, these Bay Laurel Turkish cotton towels are light and come in versatile designs. They are ideal for carrying along during travel as they are big-sized and require less drying time than any other towels.

Turkish towels are considered to be the types that were first ever made. They have withstood the changing needs of luxury living, travel and leisure ahead of time.

Turkish Towels vs Regular Towels

A Turkish towel is also referred to as Foutas, Turkish peshtemal bathtub towels, Hammans, and peshtemals. A Turkish towel is big enough to be used to spread out as a sheet for lying on the beach or to place your picnic items on the lawn. They are known for their lightweight, easy-to-handle nature and tremendous absorbent capacity.

While many thin towels in the market are not Turkish, make sure not to select a towel with appearance alone. Some fabrics are deceivingly absorbent and always go by the touch of cotton fibers to select a towel piece.

Why Are Turkish Towels So Good?

The worthiness of Turkish towels comes from the material with which they are made. Ultra-soft fibers of Turkish cotton are longer than ordinary cotton, making it more absorbent and soft making them ideal for Bay Laurel travel towels. In addition to the fibers, the Turkish Bay Laurel outdoor towels woven are different. Loop weave makes up most of the weaves of an ordinary towel. One might have noticed how ordinary towels become worn out, scratchy, and eventually less absorbent.

Turkish towels are woven with a flat weave instead of the ordinary loop weave - which adds to the towel’s softness, less thickness with maximum absorption capacity. Turkish towels grow e softer with each use, as the fibers tend to be turned far away from the surface of the base material.

Are Turkish towels challenging to take care of?

The answer, to be honest, is a no. Bay Laurel beach towels can go into the washing machine and dryer for a gentle cycle with a requirement of a small amount of detergent. These towels get dried up faster, even on a blow dryer or a simple air dry.

Turkish towels are durable utilities in addition to the ease of handling. They are a savior for both indoors and out owing to the durable Turkish cotton material used for its make. If you are wondering about a question: “Are Turkish towels sand resistant?”, yes they are. Wet Turkish towels can be dried and shaken to remove sand from them. Another alternative is to use baby powder, cornstarch, or talcum powder to get the job done.

Choose Bay Laurel Turkish Towels : Your Everyday Friend

It is vital to find a high-quality product while shopping for ‘Bay Laurel Turkish beach towels with bag’. It is essential to look for three things while identifying good-quality Turkish towels: one hundred per cent Turkish cotton, hand-loomed, and made in Turkey. Once you are able to identify the fibers, you can check for other factors that contribute to the material quality excellent for Bay Laurel camping towels and Bay Laurel Turkish beach blankets. Check if the towel is absorbent and lightweight if you are looking for Bay Laurel Yoga Towels. Check out the Bay Laurel Turkish towels collection for good Turkish towel alternatives.

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