Why does everyone prefer Turkish towels?

Why does everyone prefer Turkish towels?

Most of your belongings will be sand-covered when you go to the beach. Getting rid of it right away might be inconvenient before getting into your car or going back to the resort. In such cases, a Turkish towel set can be helpful. Bay Laurel beach towels are resistant to sand and can effectively shake off any unwanted remains from the beach. Bay Laurel Turkish towels are large, flat-woven towels traditionally used as a travel companion. What distinguishes them? Bay Laurel beach towels are highly absorbent and quickly dry. They are  also light and versatile. They are referred to as Peshtemal towels in Turkey and Fouta towels in North Africa. Read to know why everyone prefers Bay Laurel Turkish towels.

Features of Turkish towels

The following are the top super soft cotton beach towel features.

  • The organic towel has a smooth and firm feel, dries quickly in the open air, and is simple to care for
  • Bay Laurel yoga towels are lightweight but more durable than regular towels
  • Bay Laurel Travel Towels have no odor after washing
  • Bay Laurel Camping Towels have colors and patterns that can also become your multi-purpose towel
  • Bay Laurel Turkish beach blankets are easily foldable and much more compact than standard towels when packed

The Bay Laurel Turkish towels are highly durable. If adequately washed, you can use Turkish towels for a long time. Turkish towels can be used for years rather than months if taken care of appropriately. Ensure that the cotton fibers are smooth by washing them in the right way. It also helps improve the longevity of your Turkish towel. Turkish towels are flat-woven thin, allowing them to dry much faster than terry towels made of cotton. They are much smaller than thick terry cloth towels. Turkish Towel measures around 35 X 65″ – 40 X 70″ (90 X 170cm – 100 x 180cm).

How to Utilize Turkish Towels

The Bay Laurel outdoor towels are a must-have accessory for your vacation. You can use a Bay Laurel pool towel after a swim. Turkish towels are absorbent and dry quickly, making them great scarves and blankets. The bath towels are ideal for a picnic as a throw, a beach trip, the spa, yoga or Pilates class, due to their small size and quick drying time.

Why does everyone prefer Turkish towels?

Turkish towels are usually made from cotton or linen, and most have fringe or tassels on the ends. In addition to their functionality, Turkish towels also make a stylish statement, with their bright colors and patterns. These highly absorbent and quick-drying towels are made from a cotton and linen blend that only gets softer with each wash. Whether you're looking for a towel to use for your daily swim or one to take on your next vacation, Turkish towels are a great option.

Buy the perfect Turkish towels

Turkish towels are woven in the same way that Turkish carpets (rugs). As the weaving techniques are tighter, the material produced is extra smooth, does not stiffen, and remains soft and thin. Purchase Turkish beach towels for a comfortable and convenient trip.

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