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Turkish Beach Towel with Travel Bag



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BAY LAUREL Turkish Beach Towel

Turkish towels are the comfort choice for almost anyone planning a vacation. Bay Laurel provides the premium Turkish beach towel with travel bag that can be your ideal option for travel.

Exclusive Features Of Bay Laurel Turkish Towels

The Bay Laurel Turkish towels have the uniqueness that sets them apart from the other regular towels.

  • The towels are made with premium and natural Turkish cotton suitable for all-season travels.
  • The eco-friendly material of the towel provides comfort and warmth to a cold day on the beach
  • The dimensions of the towel are pretty large and oversized, with a length of 71 inches and a width of 39 inches
  • The towel is lightweight, and it can easily fit through your vacation bag
  • Bay Laurel gives Turkish beach towel with travel bag, making them easier to carry around during the trips
  • The color of the cotton travel bags compliments the color of the Turkish towels you choose for the vacation

Premium Benefits Of The Bay Laurel Turkish Beach Towels With Bag

The beach towels of Bay Laurel can benefit you in many ways, especially when you are planning a trip to the beach.

Sand Free Bay Laurel Travel Towels

You can carry the towel to the beach and come back without a grain of sand attached either to the towel or on your body. The Bay Laurel is sand repellent, and it can quickly shake the sand off the towel. You can also use the towels as a Bay Laurel Turkish beach blanket and still stay free of the sand on your towel.

Turkish Towel Absorbs Water And Dries It Quickly

You can take a dip in the ocean or pool and use the beach towel to dry yourself off. Bay Laurel outdoor towels absorb the water effectively, and they can keep you dry instantly. You need not worry about carrying it around wet, as the Turkish beach towel with travel bag quickly dries without leaving a damp smell on your towels.

Turkish Towels For A Comfortable Beach Experience

Your long-awaited beach trips can be even more exciting with the addition of Bay Laurel beach towels. Comfort can never be compromised, and the beach towels are an ideal comfort companion for all travelers.

Soft And Stronger Turkish Bay Laurel Camping Towels

The cotton towels are strong enough to withstand any weather, and it is soft and smooth to drape around your body. The extra-large and comfortable Bay Laurel Yoga towels are perfect as they serve the dual purpose of a blanket and a towel.

Beach Towels With No Fringe Materials

The Turkish beach towels look fresh and new even after repeated usage. You can wash it with fabric softener or vinegar solution, and still, the towels would look the same. The no fringe material of the beach towel does not leave any freckles after the wash and makes it look unused and brand new.

Bay Laurel beach towels are a fantastic companion that you can tag along on your beach trips and other travel destinations. Bay Laurel offers a free shipping option for the residents of the US. It also offers free returns combined with easy refunds. You can make your travel experience the best ever by choosing Bay Laurel’s Turkish beach towel with travel bag.